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CopySharpener Service

If you're like most small businesses or working professionals, the words you use are essential to success. But if those words don't always come easy, consider enlisting the CopySharpener. This unique service takes advantage of David Rohr's long advertising experience, quick wit and sharp pen. For you it can mean a more compelling presentation, more convincing website or simply a more effective résumé, sales letter or speech. Any communications using words will be more readable, persuasive and too the point when you enlist the CopySharpener.

And the good news is that hiring David to sharpen your copy doesn not require enormous budgets or lead times. For some projects like a quick letter edit or brief press release, we can get it done overnight for you. Sometimes fees are under $100 depending on your needs. PayPal and Credit Cards accepted and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We'll tool and tweak the copy until you're satisfied and until we're both sure it's as sharp as it can be.

Have a rough draft? Or notes on what you'd like to say? That means you're already finished with the research/fact-finding part of this mission. Email it all to persuasive1@earthlink.net. Ask for a quote or call David now at (585) 746-7082.

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