Advertising & Other Means Of Persuasion

I don't know if it was Cicero, St. Augustine or Willie Nelson, but some famous ancient philosopher once said that "a website is like a tombstone--it lays some heavy words on top of a lot of dirt."

This site is a little different. It is about escaping from ponderous, stilted, heavy language. And about using words more impactfully and convincingly. Hopefully you'll also come away from sharing my perspective that words--and how you use them--are essential to success. 

Maybe you'll also warm to my sunny optimism that opportunity can be found just about everywhere. And that fun is never far away either. This site is definitely pro writer. More specifically, it is pro me, also intended to give you a look at my career, education and what passes for accomplishments. It will display some of my advertising work and other efforts in that broad, amorphous field known as "marketing communications." Hopefully you will get the idea that I can handle just about any form of written communication.

This site can also be helpful for young people just getting into the business. Clients (mine or others) looking for information about how to organize their input will find useful information here as well. There is something valuable for people who are in advertising or who need advertising--which is just about everybody. 

We are still "under construction" in some areas and because this will be a living, continually updated site, we will always have something new. So stay tuned. Upcoming articles will reveal closely held and very important secrets.

So welcome to everyone--friends, business allies, former enemies and future clients. We hope you come away knowing that you can prevail in your efforts to inform, persuade and motivate people. Have creative work that's more relevant to your market. Create new customers. Or steal them from someone else.

You can win with words. And I know just the guy to help you.